Riding Academy

Endless Journey Farm prides itself in providing a safe and knowledgeable environment for our students. Whether you are a child, adult, beginner or competitive rider, we can provide the opportunity for you to develop your skills.
How Do I Get Started?
You will need to set up an assessment lesson. The instructor will book a one-on-one lesson to assess your level. If you would like to ride in a group situation, the instructor will place you in an appropriate group to assess your level. You can book an assessment lesson by clicking here and we will be in touch. Beginners will usually require some private lessons before they are ready for a group environment.


What Equipment Do I Need?

  1. You will need to wear tight fitting pants, such as leggings or tights.
  2. Please wear a boot with a small heel. We have helmets to borrow for the first time!
Anyone with longer hair:
Please wear your hair in a low pony tail or braid!

Call or email Victoria Ulloa-Caldwell to set your assessment lesson!

Please include our lesson prices:
Assessment $70+ HST
Group $50 + HST